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Counting On Us – Sacco Vandal

By February 7, 2018Music


Sacco Vandal performs his original song “Counting On Us”

I’m so tired of these liberals
Telling me what to do
So sick of living ‘neath
The boot of some rich Jew
Surrounded by non-whites
Surrounded by anti-whites
I’m so sick of White Genocide
I fear we won’t survive
Calling my fellow White men
Stand with me and fight
Our enemies are begging for
The battle of their lives
What are we waiting for?
’til we’re not here no more?
Or just dust?
Our children’s children’s children
Are counting on us
I don’t feel guilty
’bout being a White man
I won’t apologize
And I damn sure don’t feel bad
Don’t care if you think I’m wrong
Don’t care if you feel I’m wrong
The way I see it the world’s gone wrong
And there’s not much left and it’s almost gone
Got the will to power
Buried within me
Got the blood of conquerors in my veins
And it’s pulling and pushing me to succeed