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Bulking & Cutting, A Vision for the Future of Western Man

By February 19, 2018Blog

We have become individuals. The Pros: invention, the exploration of will and liberty, expansion (for a time), etc. The Cons: detriment to the group, the dissolution of community, spreading our forces thin enough to be infiltrated by the ant-Westerners who act as blocks against us.

We needed to go through the individualist phase for a time (bulking.) It was important to secure space across the globe so each of the European people’s various expressions (phenotypes) could develop all that they have.

Unfortunately, we are now under world-wide racial siege by our enemies and those of our own who have been individualized enough so as to be bought off and conscripted into the enemy camp.

The ends of this phase, if it plays to the end, will be the extermination of European peoples worldwide.

It is time to switch over to the cutting phase in the collective evolution of Western man.

We will learn to come back together, and to act as a block for our collective survival. Native Westerners that are incapable of relinquishing the extreme individualism we now know, will not survive into the future.

Like wolves away from their pack, they will be swallowed by our now myriad and surrounding anti-Western enemies. They will side with the enemy in hopes that their ideals (virtue signaling) will earn them a place in the world amongst the non-European peoples in the future.

This is suicidally foolish. We can look at the current state of any Western nation, drowning in diversity, to see the ends of this delusion. The Somalians coming into town to work the chicken plant will scheme against you, sometimes violently, as will all the other races currently convinced by the anti-Whites and their lies to hate you merely for being of European descent. We will be dispossessed, attacked, and run out.

Multiculturalism is at a peak in Western nations. Liberal cosmopolitans—traitors with no loyalty to the West nor the people who bear its unique culture—have infiltrated every institution, and they now act towards one singular goal: White genocide. With all the assets and institutions they control, a people so atomized as ours stands no chance.

Some of us, namely the various Nationalists movements in North America and Europe, can see what is coming, and can see that it is up to us to demonstrate how to act as a group, and how that equals not only our survival, but also the unhindered expression of our Faustian worldview.

Nationalists are the core of what we are becoming. The rest of the native culture-bearers of the West—currently ignorant, and sometimes willfully so—will either wake up, join their racial family, and live on; or they won’t survive.

There will be a culling of our numbers, and it will be done by our collective enemies, not the Nationalist community.

We, as Nationalists, must BE what our European race should be, and call out to our Western kinsmen to join us. We must put aside the infighting, which largely comes from ego and paranoia, a result of extreme individualism. We must support and protect one another as a single racial block; one family.

Those who cannot make this evolutionary leap will not enter the next phase in our collective future as peoples of European descent, that being a life with more purpose, love and dignity than we know now. I don’t know exactly how far we can go, but our European race has accomplished so much under homogeneous conditions that it surely would be spectacular compared to where we are now, under the boot of liberal cosmopolitan multi-national elites.

I use the bodybuilding metaphor of bulking and cutting because it is a process made of opposing strategies to reach an end result that is lean and healthy. One becomes fat at the expense of gaining more muscle mass in the bulking phase, and then must suffer a slow starvation to lose the fat and unveil the muscle in the cutting phase.

We are a racial family; a body if you will. We must now become lean and mean.


JC Hagen