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Blood and Song – Episode 1: Folk’s Not Red

By March 9, 2018Blood and Song

Welcome to Blood and Song, a podcast hosted by yours truly, Byron de la Vandal, and my partner in crime, Paddy Tarleton. This podcast is dedicated to the discussion of traditional American music as well as topics that pertain to the genre.
On this episode, we’ll be discussing Woody Guthrie: the man, his music and his politics. In the second half, we shall discuss why leftist folkies even exist, and what it is that draws them to this music. In addition, we shall also discuss our histories in the music community. Opening music: Roll on Columbia, Roll on (Woody Guthrie) Break music: I’m No Communist (Lulu Belle and Scotty) Closing music: Come Away, Jenny Donnelly (Canadian traditional, performed by Paddy Tarleton)
If you’d like to purchase Paddy’s rendition of Come Away, Jenny Donnelly, you can do so (as well as browse and purchase his fine body of work) here: https://paddytarleton.wixsite.com/ptarleton
Purchase Byron’s selection here: https://bdlv1.bandcamp.com
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