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Baby, Baby, Baby (Won’t You Put This Burka On) – Sacco Vandal

By August 18, 2017Music

Live recording from the Alc-War Room Rises
Baby, baby, baby
Won’t you put this burka on
You’ve been living your life like a THOT for far too long
Baby, baby, baby
Won’t you put this burka on
You had your chance to be free but now that’s gone
You’re a clueless THOT
You don’t know what you want
But I’m gonna bend you over my right knee
That job you need to quit
And have a couple kids
Settle down and start a family
I know you don’t care about nothing nor noone else
But I’m here to save you from yourself
You’re life is empty
You’re not really happy
You’re nothing but a vapid whore
On the carousel
But it’s a living Hell
Your life could be so much more
You could start a family with a fashy man
Have White Sharia in White Afghanistan
I must confess
You look could in that dress
But you’d look so much better if
You could be my Fatima
And I’ll be your White Muhammed