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American Nationalism = White Nationalism

By September 28, 2017Blog

Vandalism is the culminating unity of all schools of thought


The future is American Militant Nationalism. The reason why modern American conservatism can easily be lampooned as cuckservatism  is because it is lacking in healthy doses of Militarism and Nationalism. Trumpism has gone to great lengths to add a dash of the latter to modern American conservatism, but it still has a long way to go.

Militancy is a different story. The militancy part of the American Militant Nationalist equation comes into play when one realizes that America is not all mom and apple pie. The greatest revolution in my own political thought is when I stopped trying to argue with liberals who accuse our European ancestors of genocide and land theft against the Native Americans.

“Yeah, so? The entire tome of human history is turgid with conquest and slaughter. The strong take what they want and are better off for it while the weak are left to suffer.”

In this sense, I’ve been a fan of what some call, “agreeing with liberals for the wrong reasons,” for quite some time now. Indeed, one of the pillars of the manifesto Vanzetti and I first began writing in 2013 was the idea that the ascent of the West was first and foremost a product of militancy and a will to conquer as opposed to—as the cucks are so fond in claiming—adherence to Democracy, Capitalism, muh freedom, or whatever [insert favorite universal bromide here]. But now it seems that the rest of y’all are finally beginning to reach my power level.


Andrew Anglin explains that the liberals are right: America is a racist nation that was founded by Whites for Whites, and we should concede this point to them publicly and run with Americanism and Nationalism


Over the past several months, as anti-White condemnation of Confederate monuments and memorials has spilled over to a hatred of all “old, dead, White guys” in American history, we now see the Left equating Americanism with racism in the most vitriolic and bombastic fashion. The recent NFL controversy has attempted—and is succeeding—in painting both the National Anthem and the American flag as naked symbols of White oppression over non-Whites and the systemic White racism inherent in all White-constructed systems. The Left is attempting to complete a final rout of the already gutted late American cultural form-world. No symbols nor stories that do not involve non-Whites as the focal protagonists can be permitted a place in our culture by the Left any longer. We are in the throes  of a final assault upon the remnants of White American identity.

But this is where we may be able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. We cannot merely counter or parry the arguments and narratives of the Left. Neither screaming about what great friends some settlers may have been with Native Americans nor protesting that many founding fathers despised slavery will suffice. We need to completely blindside these anti-Whites. We need to initiate a meta-shift in the entire premises upon which the American Right is attempting to command its rally.

We need to say that “yes,” America was founded as a racist country. We need to say, “yes,” the flag is a symbol of White conquest and murder. And as our enemies stare confused, we declare the fact that all peoples that have ever lived were just as ruthless. We must move the dialogue beyond moralism, beyond Christianity, beyond right and wrong, good and evil. We need to affirm the right of a people to fight for their existence, putting others under the boot or sword when necessary, as being as natural as a flower stretching towards the sunlight. We need to declare: I am a White American and my people built this country—now get out of my way!


No longer will we meekly plead to not be treaded on


Statistics on racial IQ differences and crime statistics are great at winning over autists. Focusing upon terrorist and criminal threats posed by Muslims and non-Whites, respectively, also seems to be an effective way of instilling sympathy for our cause within a percentage of aging women with children. However, what is needed to rally young White men is a call to fight for something bigger than themselves against enemies who want to kill them and everyone they care about. Rather than focusing upon differences between the races, we should focus on the fact that non-Whites want us dead. We need to emphasize the cosmic struggle that has always existed between all lifeforms for this contested, spinning rock we call Earth. We need to present a world-feeling to young men that idealizes the contest between beings. In the end, it really doesn’t matter who’s smarter or more civilized—all that matters is who survives.

The old saying goes: “youth’s heroes have no halos.” Young men look up to the pirate, the bandit, the outlaw, the gangster, the rebel, the warrior, the conqueror, the winner. By attempting to falsely whitewash—no pun intended—ourselves and our history, we are only making ourselves look like pussies and encouraging our young White men to become wiggers as they look to other, seemingly more dastardly and masculine, races for inspiration, admiration, and instructions to emulate. The White man is the most vicious, insatiable conqueror the world has ever known. Our pedigree of rape, pillage, and plunder is second to none.

So, yes, let’s join the liberals in calling America a racist White country. Let’s concede that the American flag is a hate symbol and rally behind it. Let’s be quick to point out to conservative normies whenever we can about just how brutal us Whites were to others, why we were right to do so, and why others will do it to us the moment we become a vulnerable minority. Nice guys always lose. Well, we aren’t nice guys anymore, and we should brag about what bad boys we really were. And our ancestors really were the baddest, most brutal men the world has ever known. And even if they weren’t, let’s lie about it and say they were (they actually were, but it also wouldn’t hurt to embellish the fact for greater effect).


Many of the ideas in this piece were pioneered, explored more deeply, and expounded upon at length in The American Militant Nationalist Manifesto


The future has arrived. We are at a convergence between American Nationalism and White Identitarianism. The cuckservative normies who refuse to recognize the battle lines that the liberals have drawn will become increasingly irrelevant as Nationalism and Militarism continue to be grafted onto the tree of modern American Conservatism. And to be honest, there was never really a reason for us to abandon the idea of American Nationalism, allegiance to our country, or the American Flag in the first place. After all, we are talking about our country. They were our symbols all along. It was the cucks and the liberals who stole them from us and corrupted them. But now the liberals are graciously tossing them back to us. Could we have ever hoped for a greater windfall?

Andrew Anglin is right. The gun is on the table. Now that our enemy has dropped it, let us grab it before they realize what they have done and attempt to pick it up again. After all, this struggle is a matter of life and death. Grab the fucking gun, you fools.