About Us

Vandal Brothers, LLC is a publishing house dedicated to defending Western Civilization and the shining pinnacle of that civilization, our noble American Republic of We the People: the United States of America. We seek to publish only the books that best advance the time-honored Conservative values of Americanism, Militarism, and Nationalism.


We support and admire the American Founding Fathers, who created the greatest Republic the world has ever known but were unable to forsee the way in which liberal traitors would slowly undermine it step by imperceptible step. We seek not merely to restore the Republic that they created, but to go beyond their courage and vision, and to create an even greater Republic, one that is immune to the cancer of liberalism.


We believe that the warrior role is essential to a man’s identity, and thus only men who are also warriors are complete men. The reconstituted Republic must make all men soldiers by reviving the Militia and implementing universal male service in that revitalized Militia. We also believe in the right of the American nation to use its military muscle, not to help or protect foreigners and foreign peoples, but to benefit and serve the interests of We the People. Let all American men be soldiers, and let us all conquer the world together, for our benefit and for the benefit of our born and unborn American children and grandchildren. We must reembrace the conquest ethic.


We believe in a populist and nationalist policy for the historic American nation. We also believe that, like membership in the warrior caste, landownership and fatherhood are essential to manhood. Thus, patriarchy must be restored, and every male member of the American cultural organism should be granted a plot of land and a wife, and he should also be guaranteed a job. Free Trade policies that send and keep American jobs overseas must be torn asunder. Furthermore, all immigration must be halted in order to prevent immigrants from underbidding Americans, as well as to preserve the ethnic and racial character of the historic American nation. America for the Americans!