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South Africa to Forcibly Confiscate Land from Whites

By February 28, 2018Blog

I want you to pay attention to what I am saying today.

I want you to read the following: South Africa votes to amend constitution to take land from the whites without compensation. Go ahead, I will wait.

What, you say they took it from Africans? No, it was 98% empty land, and the black equatorial Africans came south for it. But that’s not the point.

The black African-controlled South African government has stated that no Whites with be in South Africa in five years. They don’t mean the whites will be gone by plane, train, automobile, or ship, they are going to murder and starve them. Already, since the end of apartheid in 1994, over 80,000 White South African farmers have been murdered by blacks. And the numbers are rising to a crescendo.

Furthermore, nearly 1 million South African Whites have been displaced into shanty towns with no assistance in the last two years—and there are only 4.5 million Whites living there. The Whites only think they will be able to save 800,000 to one million—tops—with defensive action.

With the passage of the new constitutional amendment, we are going to see genocide, but it won’t be called that. It will be mostly ignored by the media. The leftist media, who doesn’t want their side—the anti-White side—to look bad. And also because if we see it happen there, we might try to stop it elsewhere as all peoples have the right to do when threatened.

Something must be done now.

Due to systemic oppression, many White South Africans now live in poverty in shanty towns such as these.

I believe White South Africans should be offered refugee status. If they want to leave, then fine, we take them in. We absorb them. We help them, we integrate them. We can do it, we did it for almost 100 million immigrants over the last 60 years. We can shut off every one else in immigration temporarily and focus on a real disaster about to happen.

I am personally going to write a hand written letter to President Trump. I am also going to send print copies of the articles linked to above, and I am going to plead with him to try to save those who want to be saved. Some cultural Marxists may wish to stay and that’s their right. For them, I offer my prayers. For those who were born into a situation they did not personally create, nor take part in, hopefully we can give them a better future.

I will post a copy of my letter and links when I am done tomorrow, and I ask you to reach out to President Trump as well, to seek to save many lives from genocide. The systematic destruction of South African Whites. All peoples deserve protection from a genocide of 4.5 million deaths, and here we can help in one situation before it is too late.